Author: Ger Rossi

Ormiston 1-3 Peebles Rovers

The league campaign finally kicked off this weekend as Ormiston hosted the Rovers at East Mains. On what was at best a carpet and a hurricane blowing across the pitch, it was always going to be a difficult day for both sides to try and come up with any real quality.

Peebles however had settled down quicker trying to use the wind to their advantage and as Zavaroni picked up a loose ball in the middle of the park he launched a shot towards goal. Ormiston’s number one struggled to deal with the flight and the ball squeezed over the line. Rovers tried their best to play out from the back in what was becoming a near impossible mission. Link up play from Ross Lamb, Rossi and Gregor Lamb finally saw a neat run from Schulz almost go all the way. His trickery took him past three players before his strike was saved by the feet of the advancing goalkeeper. As the ball spun back in the wind it was Lindsay to nod over from close range. Two- Nil going in to half time.

As the second half got under way it was Ormiston rushing out the blocks trying to use the wind to their advantage. Straight from kick off Weldon broke free however his shot drove harmlessly wide. Rovers managing their game play extremely well could’ve went further into the lead. Sharp passing from Zavaroni, Rossi and Lindsay opened up the chance for Schulz. The big striker tried to place his shot however and the wind almost took it to Bonnyrigg. Stand in goalkeeper Yosi Bejaoui produced the save of the game after a scramble ensued in the box. The wind again causing mayhem allowed the ball to fall at Weldon’s feet who was only but 8 yards out when his stinging strike was palmed away to safety by the giant paw of Bejaoui. Zavaroni was up next as the skipper almost produced the moment of the game. Picking the ball up in his own half Zav almost broke the land speed record with the wind at his back as he ghosted past the entire Ormiston backline. His resulting effort however was lost in translation with the blustery hurricane and as the ball flew off his right foot his shot also flew wide of the target. With the game clock running down Ormiston were reduced to 10 men as a second yellow saw their man head towards the showers prematurely after a lunge on Colin Smith. Ross Lamb was then on hand shortly after to put the game firmly to bed as his powerful run and composed dink past the goalkeeper on the 90th minute looked enough to send the Peeblesshire men back down the A68 with their opening day 3 points. Ormiston to their credit refused to give up. Deep into injury time slack play on the right hand side opened up a direct through pass for Ormiston. They nipped through on goal untouched grabbing a consolation goal. As Rovers regrouped for centre the referee blew his whistle for the last time.

We caught up with Ger right after the game. “Today we asked for a reaction after last weekend and to a man we certainly got that. I felt we managed the game well in what was extremely difficult conditions for both sides. There wasn’t much product when it came to our passing game but again that was direct reflection on the surface and the small hurricane blowing across East Mains. The disappoint for myself and the boys was in the way we lost the goal so late on. It takes a little bit of the shine away from how accomplished the performance was from the team today. That being said it was a strong three points to kick start our season and we now look ahead to next weekend. We would also like to thank big Yosi for standing in as Ben was on holiday, in troublesome conditions the big mans experience came in extremely handy.

Signing News: It’s Great To Be Back!!

The Gaffer is delighted to announce the signing of the experienced former Hawick Royal Albert, Edinburgh United and Pumpherston Juniors, player Raymond Fleming.

“Skinny” returns to Whitestone Park after a few years plying his trade away from the club but when we caught up with him he was delighted to be back in Peeblesshire. Raymond told us.

“Its great to be back. Obviously a lot of things have changed since i was last here, however the club still has fantastic characters behind it. I’ve known Ger for a while so when i got the call i was keen to sit down and hear his plans. There’s a lot of young players in the changing room and one of the first things Ger had said would be that my experience would not only aid the overall shape of the team but he felt it would also bode well for the younger guys going forward. Raymond went on to finish by saying. “I’ve only been around the club for a short period but the guys have been fantastic already. The club is trying to go in the right direction on and off the park and i’m now just excited to get going. ”

Ger followed this up by saying. “Ray coming in adds more than just experience to what we are trying to do. Playing with and against him, his attitude is always something I’ve admired. He’s the type of player that will never let you down and goes into every training session and game fully committed. Our young lads will learn a lot from him and he still has plenty to offer. Without a pre season behind him we are maybe a couple of weeks away from seeing how good the guy actually is, but already his levels have impressed not only myself but every one at the club.”

We wish you the very best for the season ahead Ray, welcome back to the club!

Q&A With Our Young Gun Jamie Mackay

Jamie Mackay is our player feature for this week and he hasn’t held back. Here is what the talented self proclaimed best dressed player has said about his fellow team mates.

Q. So to one of our our youngest members of the Rovers squad, how are you finding life at the club so far.?

JM. I’m enjoying life so far at the Rovers. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs already but there’s a great bunch of boys in the dressing room. I feel this has also shown on the park. After a difficult start, we are now starting to put a much better run of results together.

Q. Spending almost more than half a season in the changing room, who is the biggest moaner within the group and who is the one that always finds a positive for everything.? 

JM. Smithy (Colin Smith) has to take the biggest moaner hands down. Probably closely followed by myself. Benzo (Ben Brown) always has a snide remark to make which lifts the spirits in the changing room. I’m not sure if that’s him trying to be positive or just trying to be the team joker.

Q. Best dressed and who’s the squad member that gets changed with the lights off. 

JM. There are a few in contention for worst dressed. The ones that stand out however are Speedy (Alan McMath) for his crocs and big Jason Newell for those horrific white firetrap boots. Benzo always comes close as he never takes his am’s kit off. Best dressed to be fair i scrub up well, and am probably the slickest in the team. Followed by Gregor Lamb. He has some decent clobber and pulls out all the stops whilst modelling his Armani t-shirt when chucking the 8kg weights about the gym.

Q. Who is least intelligent in the squad and who’s head is full of brains. 

JM. Jason Newell is by far the least intelligent. Most intelligent would be big Foff (Ross Forrest) seeing as he claims hes a lawyer.

Q. Who would you beat in an arm wrestle and on the flip side who’s the one you’d rather not entertain. 

JM. I’d fancy myself against the majority to be honest. Especially Robbie Renwick. I’d stay clear of Saul Schulz. Strength is about the only department he excels in.

Q. It’s a team night out (when you finally turn 18). Who is the 3 team mates you want by your side and why. 

JM. 1. Robbie Renwick. His speed dial is electric and would be able to sell out an empty room. 2.Ben Brown he loves the sesh. (youngster terminology) 3. Gregor Lamb. Wee Bambi is the cutie of the changing room and always catches the ladies eye.

Q. Who is the funny man and who’s patter bores you to tears.

JM. Ben Brown has some decent patter along with Robbie Renwick and Gregor Lamb. Mikey Cockburn has the worst mainly due to the fact that he never speaks. The gaffers team talks last an eternity so he’d be up there too.

Q. Almost there. If roles were reversed for the weekend and you were the gaffer who’d be the first name on the team sheet. 

JM. Definitely Ben McGinley. It would however be a dilemma in where to play him. He’s been magnificent for us all season in the sticks but during fives he knows how to stick the ball in the back of the net.

Q. Last one “Slick Rick” describe these players/ staff by using only one word. 

Colin Smith- Moaner, Lee Zavaroni- Unpredictable, David Lindsay- Explicit (rhymes with bits), James Runciman- Engine, Club Legend Derek Learmond- Loyalty, The Gaffer- either tactical or towing.Both sum him up well.


There you have it. The young boys seem to rule the roost in the changing room. However it would be interesting in hearing what one of our more seasoned pro’s have to say about those young pretenders. Stay tuned for more Rovers Q&A.


Q&A With Robbie and Gregor

imageThis weeks Q&A is with our newest recruits to date, former Livi Lions youngster Robbie Renwick and one time Manchester United trainee Gregor Lamb. They give us a small insight to life in the Rovers changing room.

Q. So our first question to the “Spice boys” of the changing room was gentle. How are you both finding life at the Rovers so far.

RR. Spicy. I’m really enjoying my football at the moment Including the training. There’s a top group of guys in the changing room which has made settling in very easy. Keeping the old guard on their toes is always fun however in turn they are great to learn from as well.

GL. Mackay is definitely the founding member of the Spice Gang, not us pair! I’ve also really enjoyed my first couple of months with the Rovers. I feel as though I’m handling the step up very well. The physicality of the league and the level im now playing at will only aid me going forward. The lads have been brilliant and have made it very easy for me to feel part of the team.

Q. Excellent stuff. So having been involved in the changing room long enough already who is the biggest moaner and who is the one that always finds a positive.

RR. Colin Smith, biggest moaner hands down. Speedy is on the opposite end though. He does however offer false positivity at times by saying he’s joining us (the young team) on a night out.

GL. Biggest moan is Colin “Bottom lip” Smith. Positive for me is Robbie. (Best pal points) If I’m being honest he’s always encouraging us to find that second wind if things aren’t going our way.

Q. Whilst we are dishing the dirt. Who spends the most time in the mirror and who is the one spending overtime on the training ground.

RR. Mirror mirror on the wall. Simple it’s Jamie Mackay. He easily has the worst crew cut in the team which goes along nicely with his shocking patter. The grafters, well the gaffer knows who they are. (On further inspection both Robbie and Gregor turn up for extra training on a regular occurrence).

GL. Mirror is definitley Mackay. He tries on 10 different pairs of shoes before he goes out. I’m not sure if it’s because his barnets so bad, but he’s always messing about with his hair for hours too. I can’t comment on biggest grafters. The boys might find out who the gaffers favourites are. (See above)

Q. The boys have an away game. This calls for an overnight stay and a room mate is required. The gaffer lets you pick. Who do you want cuddling up and who is the one that would give you nightmares.

RR. I’d go with Bambi (Gregor Lamb). We are of similar ages and similar banter. The boy is also a hit with the ladies. If I wasn’t loved up he’d be a dream team mate. Nightmares would be Ben Brown. If let loose on an overnight stay I’d hate to imagine what that boy would get up to.

GL. I’d share with Ben McGinley. The big goalie gives great cuddles. Nightmare would be Saul Schulz Keith. He may have a double barrelled name but he’s also got a double barrelled backside as we all found out at the gaffers annual FIFA tournament. I heard his toilet is still blocked from all that coconut milk he drinks.

Q. Not long to go lads just a few more questions and we are done. Who is the brightest spark in the changing room and who’s head is just filled with hot air.  

RR. Big Foff (Ross Forrest). As well as oozing intelligence the big man oozes paper notes. Mind you he doesn’t mention that he’s a lawyer all that often. Thicker than a plank of wood goes to David Lindsay. The boy managed to stab himself in the thumb with his epie pen.

GL. Big Ross takes it for me as well. Working in a swimming pool one week and tearing the courts up the next. He must be doing something right. Least intelligent is a tough one. It’s a toss up between Jason Newell and big Davie Lindsay. Davie just always looks confused but big Jase is impossible to understand at times. You literally have to decrypt every message he writes. (Robbie also added), yeh the man sticks lol at the end of every sentence. He’s always wearing the yellow jacket at training so we eventually just named it after him.

Q. Who is the hardest member on the park and which team mate would rather swan dive to safety?

GL. Hardest is Smith. Never pulls out a 50/50 and is like a brick wall at the back for us. Strikers must hate playing against him. Softest. Hmm even though we call him the fridge, Saul pulls out of more challenges than anyone I’d say.

RR. I’d also go with Smithy. He snaps you in training as well as the opposition come game day. Maybe not the softest but definitely the lightest is Mikey Cockburn. Worst performer in goals for the 5 a sides. He hates a swan dive. Basically runs away from the ball and hides behind Smithy for protection, just like a Saturday.

Q. Ok lads we will round things up. If you were stuck on a deserted island (Magaluf) who are the three team mates you’d want by your side and why?

RR. The Green Tree Loyal. Bambi (Gregor Lamb) Benzo (Ben Brown) and Mcgin (Ben McGinley). We are the young team who lead by example off the park. McGinleys long arms would provide cuddles. Benzos banter and never ending collection of “oiler boiler” boxer shorts would provide something to cover our privates in times of need. Bambi (Gregor Lamb) is tall and skinny so we could use him to good effect in grabbing our only source of food (coconuts) from the trees. Aiding to that of McGinleys shovel hands and Benzo’s massive forehead we could easily crack them open and survive. What a team.

GL. I’d take McGinley, Benzo and Robbie. Me and the goalie (Ben McGinley) get on really well and I’m sure he’s said he’s been in similar situations before so he’d be an expert in staying alive. I’d take Robbie because we are the only ones still in school and because of this we know all the gossip in Peeblesshire to keep us going. Lastly I’d take Benzo basically because he loves a laugh and we’d need those qualities to get us through those lonely nights.

There you have it. A recognisable pattern as we learn that the “Spice boys” most definitely stick together!



Castle Warehouse Back Our Boys.

Peebles Rovers would like to say a massive thank you to our local department store for their generosity. Rovers were presented with the cheque this morning from the management team and staff of Castle Warehouse outside the Peeblesshire outlet. The contribution will go a long way in helping the club.

Peebles Rovers have made great strides this year in recruiting what is largely a local based team. With this we are delighted that local businesses are getting behind our club once again. We believe that the future is bright for Peebles football however without this kind of backing and support, our senior side would cease to exist.