Maurice Gordon

Peebles Rovers Football Club have set up this page as a place to permanently preserve the memory of a man and the invaluable contributions that he made to ensure that there still is a Peebles Rovers today.

That man was Maurice Gordon, and he is arguably one of the most important figures in this club’s long and proud history. A man who faithfully served his club for thirty years, his work and generosity made him of the true unsung heroes of local football.

Maurice was born in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpar, but moved to Peebles at the age of 6- where he would go on to become one of the town’s favourite sons.

He was a keen lover of cricket, Edinburgh Monarchs, and, above all else, his beloved Peebles Rovers

Maurice served as Match Secretary for 30 years, and operated in a role behind the scenes that kept the club running for many long and happy years.

He kept the club’s name at the forefront of the community’s mind with his match reports in the local press, ensuring that every match at Whitestone Park and around the country was reported on.

He was also a man of extreme kindness and generosity: exemplified by the fact that he would pay referees match fees out of his own pocket- always ready to help ease the load for the club.

Maurice was a meticulous statistician, and kept a record of nearly every ball kicked, every player who wore the jersey, and, of every match played by Peebles Rovers over the past 30 years.

Tragically, he passed away in 2011, and in that loss- Peebles Rovers lost one of the finest people ever to grace Whitestone Park. A man who was a real character, and possessed an abundance of kindness and generosity. The world and Peebles Rovers is lesser without him.

Maurice Gordon