Ger: “It’s been an honour”

WHATEVER comes next for Ger Rossi, he’ll move on with the gratitude of everyone who loves Peebles. 

In an emotional speech after Saturday’s game, Ger revealed that himself and Allan McDonald will step down from their management positions at the end of the season.

Understandably, It was then easy to forget about the thrilling match before that though: a great 5-1 win over Eyemouth, a game that Rossi couldn’t have been happier with.

“After last week’s showing against Burntisland, where we were very poor, this felt like we turned a corner,” he told

“We talk a lot about character in this dressing room – and this is proof that the lads have that in abundance.”

Such a win was vintage Rovers stuff, and served as a powerful reminder of how far this team has come over the past two years.

There were moments back in 2016 where it looked like there wouldn’t be a Peebles Rovers.

Rossi and McDonald, along with John Brogan, then transformed the club into something that will give future generations of footballers in Peebles hope.

A team largely composed of local lads, that could yet finish 5th, is nothing short of incredible.

“It’s been remarkable, to be honest,” he told us.

“We all know how humble the beginnings of this project was as we fought to keep the club alive.

“We inherited just two players from the previous team. We then asked our local guys to go above and beyond – and they’ve given us that.

“Today was for them. As much as they’ve had me pulling my hair out at times!

“It’s been a roller-coaster from start to finish. To a man, from beginning to end, every player has given something.”

Rovers have very much been Rossi’s life over the past few years, and he admits the end will be a tough day for him.

“It’ll be devastating to be completely honest. I said back in the beginning, when my hair was still black, that I was only there as a stop-gap,” he explained.

“Just to steady the ship and help ease in the local lads. But it’s now become more than that.

“These kids that came in are great, and that’s what gives me the most pride when I think about our time here.

“To see them go out and compete against the best in this division, and seeing the quality they have, is what makes it for me.

“Going forward, this club will only grow. I know it’s a horrendous cliche, but there isn’t just one person at this club.

“The committee have been second-to-none, and whoever comes in next is very lucky. I’ll always watch on and support my town – I’m a Rover to the end of my days.”

It would be easy to slip into sentimentality, but that simply isn’t Ger Rossi’s style.

His mind is now focused on Wednesday’s match against Tynecastle at Saughton Enclosure.

“It’s not over just yet!

“With three games left, we have to keep plugging away in the hope of getting that fifth spot.

“There’s still work to do before we can start dreaming about our holidays.”

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