Q&A With Our Young Gun Jamie Mackay

Jamie Mackay is our player feature for this week and he hasn’t held back. Here is what the talented self proclaimed best dressed player has said about his fellow team mates.

Q. So to one of our our youngest members of the Rovers squad, how are you finding life at the club so far.?

JM. I’m enjoying life so far at the Rovers. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs already but there’s a great bunch of boys in the dressing room. I feel this has also shown on the park. After a difficult start, we are now starting to put a much better run of results together.

Q. Spending almost more than half a season in the changing room, who is the biggest moaner within the group and who is the one that always finds a positive for everything.? 

JM. Smithy (Colin Smith) has to take the biggest moaner hands down. Probably closely followed by myself. Benzo (Ben Brown) always has a snide remark to make which lifts the spirits in the changing room. I’m not sure if that’s him trying to be positive or just trying to be the team joker.

Q. Best dressed and who’s the squad member that gets changed with the lights off. 

JM. There are a few in contention for worst dressed. The ones that stand out however are Speedy (Alan McMath) for his crocs and big Jason Newell for those horrific white firetrap boots. Benzo always comes close as he never takes his am’s kit off. Best dressed to be fair i scrub up well, and am probably the slickest in the team. Followed by Gregor Lamb. He has some decent clobber and pulls out all the stops whilst modelling his Armani t-shirt when chucking the 8kg weights about the gym.

Q. Who is least intelligent in the squad and who’s head is full of brains. 

JM. Jason Newell is by far the least intelligent. Most intelligent would be big Foff (Ross Forrest) seeing as he claims hes a lawyer.

Q. Who would you beat in an arm wrestle and on the flip side who’s the one you’d rather not entertain. 

JM. I’d fancy myself against the majority to be honest. Especially Robbie Renwick. I’d stay clear of Saul Schulz. Strength is about the only department he excels in.

Q. It’s a team night out (when you finally turn 18). Who is the 3 team mates you want by your side and why. 

JM. 1. Robbie Renwick. His speed dial is electric and would be able to sell out an empty room. 2.Ben Brown he loves the sesh. (youngster terminology) 3. Gregor Lamb. Wee Bambi is the cutie of the changing room and always catches the ladies eye.

Q. Who is the funny man and who’s patter bores you to tears.

JM. Ben Brown has some decent patter along with Robbie Renwick and Gregor Lamb. Mikey Cockburn has the worst mainly due to the fact that he never speaks. The gaffers team talks last an eternity so he’d be up there too.

Q. Almost there. If roles were reversed for the weekend and you were the gaffer who’d be the first name on the team sheet. 

JM. Definitely Ben McGinley. It would however be a dilemma in where to play him. He’s been magnificent for us all season in the sticks but during fives he knows how to stick the ball in the back of the net.

Q. Last one “Slick Rick” describe these players/ staff by using only one word. 

Colin Smith- Moaner, Lee Zavaroni- Unpredictable, David Lindsay- Explicit (rhymes with bits), James Runciman- Engine, Club Legend Derek Learmond- Loyalty, The Gaffer- either tactical or towing.Both sum him up well.


There you have it. The young boys seem to rule the roost in the changing room. However it would be interesting in hearing what one of our more seasoned pro’s have to say about those young pretenders. Stay tuned for more Rovers Q&A.


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