Bruce Runciman: Q and A

Rovers’ first-team coach, Bruce Runciman, sat down for a chat with Neil Hobson and lifted the lid on him and his team-mates.

1: Who’s your biggest hero in football?

“My first ever Hearts top had Gary Wales on the back!

“Seriously though, seeing as I’ve always played at the back, I love guys like Sergio Ramos and Christophe Berra.”

2: What’s your best memory in football?

“My best, and probably most bittersweet, memory in football was when I was with Gala Fairydean when I was a teenager. We had finished bottom of the league that year, but we made it to the League Cup final against Edinburgh City.

“We lost out to a last-minute, offside goal. But it was a moral victory for us to even be there in the first place.

“Winning the Waddell Cup with Stow was also pretty special.”

3: Who’s the biggest diva in the squad?

“Jamie Mackay; he takes about two hours to get ready for a game or training! He’s the first in the changing room and the last one out. I’d say Donny is up there too, purely because of some of the stuff he comes out with!

“Like the time he had a sore stomach, then went on Google and read that steak settles your stomach. He then went up to Greggs and got a couple of steak bakes!”

4: Who’s got the worst fashion sense in the team?

“Donny! One night he came in with a long, camel-coloured hoody and really tight gray cottons. He was also sporting a pair of orginal Adidas shell shoes- absolutely horrendous!

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