Manager targets positive end at Whitestone

Ger Rossi believes that despite the disappointment that came after last weekend’s defeat to Eyemouth, his team are capable of competing against Leith Athletic.

Derek Riddel’s high-flying side travel to Peebles tomorrow looking to make serious strides towards the East of Scotland league title, but Rossi thinks that his team can learn from the Eyemouth defeat and pull of something in the Rovers’ final home game of the season, he explained;

“I think last Saturday probably summed up the season we’ve had so far; we’ve spoken about the young guys having to grow up quickly, and it was a touch of inexperience that was our undoing.

“When we’re on top in games, we sometimes struggle to take advantage of that. I thought the first-half in particular ,with the amount of chances we had, was the same old story.

“That was something that came back to haunt us later on in the match. It is frustrating, but the guys have got to learn from it- and, going forward, I’m more than sure they will.”

Despite the quality that Leith possess, the manager has spoken of his belief that Peebles are capable of putting in a positive performance at Whitestone Park, saying that his team are free to go out and express themselves;

“I think the pressure from our last game against them maybe got to us a wee bit. In regards to Saturday, we can’t do anything other than work hard and apply full concentration for the ninety-minutes.

“There might be a different feel to the game because there’s no pressure on us, so, it’s more of a case of going out and enjoying ourselves.

“Leith will come and be dangerous and dextrous in front of goal, but we also have a point to prove- we just have to go out and prove it!”


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