Q&A With Ben McGinley

We caught up with Rovers Number One Ben McGinley as he dished the dirt on his fellow team mates and briefly describes his first season with the club. Ben was signed from Whitehill Welfare at the beginning of the season and has wasted no time in showing just why the gaffer worked tirelessly to get the young stopper at Whitestone Park.

Q. So Ben we will start with a nice easy one. Who is the most vain in that Rovers changing room.?

BM. Saul, that boy spends more time fixing his barnet than he does on the ball.

Q. Lets fast forward. Its the end of a team night out who is the last player you’d want to be left standing next to.?

BM. If i’m being honest not many of the boys can last the pace. I’d probably say Benzo (Ben Brown) however. The boys full of mischief, god knows where we’d end up.

Q. The boys have an away game that requires an overnight stay. Who is your choice of roommate and why.?

BM. Wee Donny (Donovan Ndiweni). He’s really good at cuddling.

Q. Footballers are not exactly renowned for their intelligence. Who has the least and who has the most.?

BM. The thickest in the team is a tight call. Benzo and big Jason Newell do not have a brain cell between them. The “yellow training jacket” was however named after big Jase so he might just shade it. For the most intelligent. (Ben pauses) Colin Smith thinks he knows everything but Mikey Cockburn goes to University which is extremely rare within this squad so he surly takes it?.

Q. Fastest and Slowest. Who’d give Usain Bolt a chase and who wouldn’t even get out the blocks.? 

BM. Robbie Renwick’s extremely quick so he’d put up a chase. The slowest by far is big Davie Lindsay. Its safe to say a snail would finish before the big man. It’s just a rumor but supposedly the milk in the club room has turned quicker than him on a few occasions already this season.

Q. Who is the hardest in the squad, and on the flip side who would slip contact in order to keep their boots clean and their shins intact.? 

BM. Speedy is small in height but he is built like a fridge. I wouldn’t like to mess with him when when the red mist appears. To be honest you’d have to be even braver to skip the challenge. If you got caught going in half hearted, Smithy would most certainly be waiting for you in the changing room once the whistle blew.

Q. Who is the biggest wind up and the one that gets under the gaffers skin the most.?

BM. Simple. Ben Brown. He’s the biggest wind up merchant i’ve come across. What makes matters worse is when Donny’s enters the fray. The pair of them are a nightmare.

Q. If you were stuck on a deserted island (Magaluf), who are the three teammates you’d want by your side and why.?

BM. Smithy, the boys loaded and would get in the drinks. The gaffer (Ger) because his Mrs Laura told me that he would be allowed to go as she trusts i’d look after him. So i’m making sure he cant get out of it. And lastly wee Donny. He has rhythm in his feet and would produce the entertainment on the dance floor.

Q. Lastly we asked Ben to describe his short but instrumental spell at the club so far.?

BM. I’ve certainly loved my time so far and really am enjoying my football. The boys in the changing room are great to work with and there is always a positive vibe. At the beginning we knew it would take time as we have a very young squad and although things were not going for us to begin with the work ethic and belief has never changed. As the season has developed we have continued to improve and with the same mentality going forward i am more than sure the club will have a very bright future.


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